Stairway to Awesomeness!

1173761_525274937543424_65570806_nToday, I would like to share the story of a truly awesome woman who turned her life around. She is now sharing her stories with the world through her book, Stairway to Awesomeness.

Are You Being an Awesome Person?

Life is hard and it isn’t always fair. And sometimes… life isn’t just hard, it’s downright INSANE! Being a parent presents a whole new set of challenges, responsibilities and insanity. Sometimes trying to cope with all of the stresses of parenthood can really wear you down and it can seriously affect your mental health and well being. Especially if you are struggling as a person to begin with. This is something that I experienced for many years.

“I experienced many of life’s seemingly insurmountable blows.”

Throughout the challenges of my life, I experienced many of life’s seemingly insurmountable blows. For many years I lived a dark, disturbing, depressing, miserable and reckless existence as a result, even as a parent. I was an angry, negative person that kept blaming and justifying my self-destructive words, actions and behavior on the crappy hand that life dealt me instead of accepting accountability. Then… I hit rock bottom, took a life time-out, figured out what I had to do to get back to good and reinvented myself into a strong, happy, positive and “awesome” person, parent and role model.

What’s in Stairway to Awesomeness:

My book, Stairway to Awesomeness, is my tragedy-to-triumph life story that I wrote in an effort to inspire people to live a life of “awesomeness”. The 30 fundamental steps that I write and illustrate about are all about:

  • Teaching people how to embrace the insanity of life and focus on the positive lessons, the blessings and the humor…even in the face of adversity.
  • Learning how to think before you speak/react and living with an accepting open mind.
  • Discovering how and why you should change your way of thinking about many things we have been conditioned to believe so you stop setting yourself up for emotional failure.
  • Understanding how to communicate and release anger, negativity and toxic drama in a positive way.
  • Learning how to ultimately being an awesome role model and encouraging others to do the same.

So it’s not a book about parenthood. However, it will teach you about how to be an awesome person in life, which in turn will certainly and ultimately help you be a better parent. You can check out the book trailer HERE.

“Just because you are a parent, it doens’t mean you forget about your own happiness.”

I often hear parents say that they don’t take time for themselves, take care of themselves and/or reward themselves. Yes, children are a great priority. But just because you are a parent, it doesn’t mean that you forget about your own happiness and living life to the fullest. Taking time for yourself, taking care of yourself and rewarding yourself is not selfish. It is important and necessary. It is essential for your mental health. This is something else that I focus on in the book a great deal.

Cynthia Sue LarsonMBA, best-selling author and intuitive life coach advanced reviewed my book and said: “”This is the perfect book for every parent to keep in their own time-out room…Highly recommended!” So if you aren’t living life to the fullest, and you are struggling with some of the things I have mention above, please do take a time-out to read my book. Discover your own awesomeness so you can ultimately be an awesome parent! =)

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