Back to School With Peace of Mind

download (5)Back to school season has come upon us once again, and one of the main concerns on everyone’s mind is school safety. We know many schools added additional security or put in locked doors to keep our children safe.

While school shootings are infrequent, they get nation-wide media attention, and tend to stick in the memories of parents and students alike. If you, or your child, are feeling anxious about what might happen, have a talk with your school’s administration and ask about the safety precautions the school has taken to help prevent the unthinkable.

Most schools have locked doors that can be opened by a buzzer in the main office, security cameras at main entrance ways, and visitor check-in’s to keep track of who enters the building. Some schools have a police officer who is in the school at all times, and others have shatterproof glass, particularly on first floor windows and entry ways. Also, some schools have implemented lock-down drills so teachers and students know how to respond in case of crisis. Much like tornado and fire drills, the idea is that if teachers and students know what to do and where to go, lives can be saved.

You can also talk to your children about what they can do to help aid in crisis prevention. Make sure they know that if they see a suspicious person hanging around school grounds, or if one of their peers begins acting strangely or aggressively, they need to tell a teacher or administrator right away. If they see something, say something. But while open discussions are a good way to teach and prepare your children, make sure you are calm in your approach because you want them informed, not scared.