The Debate Over Vaccines


The Debate

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate; that is the question. As the flu season falls upon us once again, the topic of discussion once again turns to vaccination. But flu vaccines aren’t the only ones up for debate. Many parents these days are choosing not to vaccinate their children from infectious diseases including measles, mumps, rubella, polio, pertussis, diphtheria, and small pox.

Vaccines: The Facts

These, among other infectious diseases, are preventable through vaccination, and according to statistics provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the presence of these diseases has dropped between 74% and 100% since the pre-vaccination era. Simply said, because of vaccinations, several infectious diseases have been nearly eradicated in our modern society. Those numbers alone should be reason enough to persuade parents to vaccinate their children, yet some parents still argue against it. They claim that vaccines can cause Autism and other problems for children; however, there has been no scientific evidence to support their theories.

The Choice

Because of the accusations made by these anti-vaccinators, more and more parents are choosing not to vaccinate in fear of what it will do to their child. However, they need to start thinking more globally. Since this anti-vaccination “movement” has begun, cases of the previously mentioned infectious diseases have begun to rise. If you ask me, that is not good for us. It seems as if people are intentionally trying to reverse all the good vaccines have done for our society.

All I ask is that before you make your decision whether or not to vaccinate your children you do your research because, yes, there are some slight risks that come along with vaccines. However, the spread of infectious diseases in America is much worse. So check into credible sources, and think about the welfare of those around you as well. J.J. Keith tells the truth when she said, “Vaccines are different from every other parenting issue in that the choices that parents make affect everyone else as well. Vaccines are everyone’s business.”