Unplug Your Kids from Phones and Tablets

download (4)Technology is everywhere. Unless you live in a remote part of the world, technology is inevitably part of your life. Cable gives you access to over 500 channels, and with smart phones and tablets, the entire internet is right at your fingertips. But all these options can also make it easy for parents to get lazy. Phones and tablets each have thousands of apps designed to entertain and educate young children, and with all the channels on T.V., there are more kids shows than ever before. However, no matter how advanced technology has become, technology should not be a substitute for parent/child interaction.

Technology has it’s benefits

I’m the first to admit, I am impressed with the way a three year old can operate, and navigate, a smart phone or tablet.  And there is a time and place when phones and tablets really come in handy! When you have to take them with you to your doctor’s appointments, traveling long distances, or waiting while a sibling is at a practice, these devices are your sanity savers. However, at home, it should be a different story.

Phones and tablets at home

At home we are pretty much unplugged. Sure, the T.V. may be on, but it’s background noise to the games we play, the books we read, the block towers we build, and the interactions we share together. As a parent, you are your children’s fist teacher, and they need you to be active in that role. They learn to converse with others by having conversations with you. They learn social rules, such as sharing and taking turns, by playing with you. And they even learn early reading skills just by listening to you read a story.

The best part is, when you set them up with these skills, it allows them to become better at independent play, and that allows you a little quiet time. Don’t let your kids become the ones who freak out because the tablet died; unplug them, and help them interact with the world and the people around them.

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