Summer Activites

sports__largeSummer is in full swing, and that probably means that your family’s schedule is filled with activities for your kids. Summer activities can be great as long as your kids are having fun. But what if they just want to quit? The August 2014 issue of Parents magazine has a great little article, written by Renée Bacher, about “How to know when it’s okay to let your child drop an activity— and when it’s best to make her stick it out.” Bacher discusses what to do when your kid wants to quit or not even go to an activity; urging you to get to the underlying reason. Is your child actually afraid or uninterested, or is she just nervous about trying something new? It’s great to expose your kids to new experiences, but if they are truly unhappy, then it’s not right to force them.

Choosing the right activities

So how can you try to avoid your child wanting to quit in the first place? Bacher recommends that you allow your child to help you choose the activity they want to participate in. If your child doesn’t really have a strong opinion, try choosing a sample class. Sign your childup for an “All Star Sports Class;” each week they learn and play a new sport. This way they get a little taste of each sport , they begin to develop interest, and you can be more selective next year.

If your child isn’t into sports, maybe a theater or craft club would be more appropriate activity for the summer, but Bacher recommends that you make sure you engage your child in some sort of physical activity. Whether it’s a nightly walk or a bike ride with the family, your child should be participating in physical activity always.

I agree; kids need to move and expend their energy on a daily basis. Bacher also feels strongly about making swim lessons a summer priority because knowing how to swim can save your child’s life. Bottom line is that summers are always filled with activities, but just make sure that you have your priorities straight and your child’s feelings in consideration.