Parenting Tip #27: Keep the Kids Active

kids playing in the snowWinter break is coming up soon, and some parents may be thinking, “What in the world am I going to do with these kids while they’re home?!”  The best way to tire the kids out and keep them busy is to keep them active! Make sure the kids get outside for at least an hour every day for some free play time.

Kids need time to have free play; it is good for their development, mental health, and socialization.

But winter is cold… Fooey! We buy all sorts of winter gear for this exact reason.

Winter Ideas For Keeping The Kids Active

Coats, hats, scarves, snow pants, boots, long-johns, wool socks, gloves and mittens were all designed to keep your little ones warm while they play outside in the winter. Let the kids out in the yard to play, snow or not, they will be able to have fun outside.

Find a local ice skating rink, or sledding hill and take them out for a fun day. Maybe even go to a local nature trail and walk around looking for winter wildlife. Nothing wears a kid out more than playing outside in the fresh, cold air.

Helping Your Kids Cope With Sub-Zero Temperatures

If the polar vortex rolls into town again this year, and the temps never creep above zero, more than a few minutes outside may not be an option. There are still plenty of places to go to let the kids expend some energy like:

  • indoor playgrounds
  • indoor bounce houses
  • sporting complexes
  • gymnastic classes
  • roller skating rinks
  • ice-skating rinks

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you may even want to find one of those indoor, year-round, waterparks! Moral of the story, no matter what your plans for winter break are, make sure they include physical activity; it will be good for your kids, and for your sanity.