Creating Time for Peace

Our days, and lives, are filled with non-stop activities; school, classes, sports practices, sport events, parties to attend, parties to host, and other seasonal school programs. But among the chaos of the go-go-go, are you enjoying the moments? Are you allowing yourself to create time to enjoy the peace among the chaos? Are you able to focus on what’s truly important in life?

The Pinterest Hostess

Think about what happens to you when you host a party. What’s your focus? Do you get lost in the details of the presentation? Does your house needs to look spotless as if no one lives there? Do you stress over table settings, making sure every platter, napkin and table cloth need to match perfectly? Do you feel like all your food must be presented in a Pinterest worthy way?

Take a deep breath and find the peace. Sure you need to prepare food and straighten up a bit, but know that your guests come to your house for YOU. Your guests come to share in your stories and laughter. They come for good conversation, and even better company. They come to celebrate your successes, and comfort you in your sorrows. Friends come to seek their own peace and comfort in your embrace and knowledge. At the end of the day, you can find your own peace by letting go of the things that simply don’t matter. When you host, all that really matters is that your heart is as open as your home.

Sports and Activities

Think about your child’s sport or activities. How often do we put pressure on our kids, or allow them to put pressure on themselves to be perfect? Are their schedules overcrowded with activity after activity? Do we make them practice at home as well as at their scheduled practices? It’s very unlikely that your child will be headed to the pro’s in their sport or activity, so there is no need to stress over perfection. Is it good to practice a skill and become better at it? Yes, but when that practice starts to interfere with their happiness, or their ability to spend quality time with friends and family, then it’s worth reevaluating.

If your child enjoys having an activity, then allow them to choose one per season. This will allow them to explore their likes and talents without over scheduling them. When practicing at home, keep things light and short, especially for the younger kids; you don’t want to force practice so that they grow to despise the activity. By decluttering the activity schedule and keeping home practices light and fun, you will find peace in the fun of the activity, and in the extra time you get to spend with your children.

Daily Dinner Peace

On a daily basis, dinner time can be an easy way to squeeze in some peace with your family. However, our work or school schedules may cut into the time you would normally take to make a meal, but that is still no need to stress. Sometimes you need to call in some help. Maybe on days when you know you won’t be home in time to cook, throw some ingredients into the crockpot, let that cook all day and be ready when you get home. Or, maybe even order in some pizzas to ease your day.

But no matter what, sit down with your family and enjoy the peace of being together. Enjoy talking to each other and learning about each other’s days. Enjoy watching your children grow on a daily basis, watching them grow into their own people, but also watching their bonds with each other grow. This is the stuff that matters, these are the moments you need to seek out, and when you do, when you make the time do step back and see them and enjoy them, then you will have given yourself peace among the every day chaos.