Spring Break on a Budget

Many of our kids will be let out of school for break soon. Some of us may have a getaway planned, but for others, it might not be in the budget. You want to make Spring Break memorable for your kids, but you also don’t want to break the budget. And you definitely don’t want them sitting around the house all break. So what can you do? Here are some Spring Break activities that are low-cost, or even free!!

Spring Break Picnic in the Park

Kids love to do normal things in different place; it’s exciting for them! So why not pack a lunch and head over to the local playground? You can bring a blanket, a packed lunch, maybe even some books, and your sense of adventure! Your kids will love it, and be able to burn off their energy at the park!

Daily Spring Break Bike Ride or Walk

Part of making memories with your kids is starting family traditions. Spring Break can be a great time to add a daily walk or bike ride into your routine, and the great thing is, you can keep it up all Summer long too! Choose your time wisely, I’d suggest heading out after dinner, when your kids are full of energy. Walks and bike rides can be a good quiet time together to talk, meet neighbors, and just wind down from the day. Every once in a while you can switch it up and walk, or bike, to certain destinations (ice cream store, library, a neighbor’s BBQ)

Local Library

Check out the kids activities and programs hosted by your local library. They usually have some interesting programs for kids during school breaks, and the sign-up fee is usually little to nothing at all! At the very least, you will be able to check out some new books to enjoy with your child!

Take a Train Ride

Do you have a local commuter train in your town, or near you? Check out the schedules and plan a little trip!! Depending on your schedule, you can go for a long ride, or just a few stops away! Many train stops or in the downtown area of towns, and are close to shops and restaurants. Make it a day trip, or simply a different way to go out for lunch! Many trains charge a nothing (or reduced fee) depending on how old your child is, and as an adult, it’s usually a pretty reasonable price.

Nature Centers and Forest Preserves

Kids love nature, and sometimes you just need to go for a walk somewhere other than your neighborhood. Nature centers and forest preserves are free to use, or have a small entrance fee, and can be fun and educational. Learn about your local wildlife, interact with nature centered activities, or simply utilize the nature trails for your own exploration. If you want to make it a real exploration trip, pack a backpack for each kid with a notebook and pencil for taking notes about what they see, some water and trail mix, and maybe some binoculars (real or homemade from toilet paper rolls) and/or a magnifying glass.