Finding Better Sleep as Parents

As parents I feel like we’re continually worried about and discussing our children’s sleep habits and routines.  Parents know about the importance of a bedtime schedule and bedtime routines.  We read up on growth patterns and sleep regressions so we are prepared.  And we buy nightlights, cozy blankets and noise machines to help our kids fall and stay asleep.  But then, there is us.  We are tired, exhausted, but it’s rare that we look into helping ourselves find the sleep we need.  So how do we find better sleep as parents?

Helpful Sleep Articles

I recently came across two different articles on sleep as parents and adult sleep, and they were very interesting. Healthy Sleep for New and Expecting Parents deals more with being the parents of a new baby, and Helen Sanders’ article, How to Reset and Optimize Your Sleep Schedule, is just on adult sleep in general. Both are worth a read if your are tired of being tired. Many parents struggle with sleep, but it is important that parents get the sleep they need.

The Take-Away

One big take away from both articles is the fact that adults need sleep schedules and routines too.  Just as we give our children calming baths, cuddle close, and read stories to get them ready for bed, our bodies need some down time too.  We should begin to get our minds and bodies ready for bed by dimming the lights, turning off electronics, and just enjoying the calm and quiet.  We should eliminate distractions from our bedrooms in order to make it a more restful atmosphere.  Parents spend a lot of time creating and maintaining sleep schedules and routines for our kids, but as it turns out, we need to focus on ourselves too.


The night time is an interesting balance of things that should be done vs. things we want done.  As someone who stays home with her kids all day, I struggle between going to bed at a normal time vs. just having quiet time to myself when no one is climbing on me.  Sometimes I use the night to catch up on writing, reading, or chores that got put off during the day.  Other times, I use the night to catch up on social media and see what my friends are up to.  There are only so many minutes in a day, and fewer of those in a night.  It is important for us to put a little more focus and attention into getting ourselves some better sleep.