6 Things You Should Know About Kids

Every once in a while I like to check in with my boys to see how they feel I am doing as a parent.  Seeing if there is anything I can do to better meet their needs.  I check in to make sure I’m not missing anything that is important to them.  Sort of like a performance review.  Recently, I asked my seven year old what he thought every parent should know about their kids, and this is what he had to say.

1. Kids might make a big mess.

Kids love to play!! They get really into it, and excited.  And because of this, they sometimes forget to clean, and it just becomes a big mess.  Parents will sometimes have to remind kids to clean up.

2. They are very active.

Kids have a lot of energy!! Sometimes it is hard to control and contain themselves.  So parents should make sure that they have an appropriate outlet for their energy and noise.  Make sure they get a lot of outside time, or that they have a place in the house (like the basement) where it is ok to be active and loud.

3. Playing can be loud.

When kids get excited about playing they can be loud.  And when parents want to tell them something, sometimes they don’t hear you.  It’s not that they are ignoring you, they just didn’t hear you.  It is best if a parent would come to where the kids are, get their attention, and then tell them something.

4. They want information.

Kids love to learn new things.  They ask a lot of questions, and want answers so they can learn.  Parents should answer questions honestly, and with as much detail as possible.  If parents don’t know an answer, you can look it up together with them.

5. Kids like to try new things.

But sometimes trying new things can be scary.  Parents should hold their hand to help them through the first time they try something so they know they can do it.  If you can’t hold their hand, just stay close and cheer them on!

6. They want to know they are loved.

Whether it’s hugs, kisses, high-fives, snuggles, or holding hands, kids just like to know they are loved.  Putting all distractions aside and really listening to your child is another great way to show them they are loved. You are important to your kids, and knowing that you love them makes them feel important too.