The New Year’s Bucket List

The end of the year always gets us thinking about how we can improve ourselves in the new year.  We come up with resolutions to eat healthier, hit the gym more often or travel more.  We arbitrarily set these goals, and most fall by the wayside come February.  But what if we approached resolutions as more of a bucket list, and worked on them as a family?

Family Bucket List

On New Year’s Eve, sit down and have a discussion about the year.  What was their favorite thing to do? Where was their favorite place to go? What makes them laugh the most?  Then, start talking about what your family wants to do in the new year.  Where is somewhere they want to go? Maybe it’s a local zoo, museum, or theater they have never been.  What is a new food your family would like to try?  I like to buy one random new fruit or vegetable when I go to the grocery store.  My family then all tries it that night at dinner.  What is an activity that your family wants to do together?  Hiking, horseback riding, or playing more games together are all great options!

What to Do

The point of this is to 1) come up with your New Year’s Bucket List as a family, and 2) keep your family accountable to actually do it!!  So here are some pointers of how to get it done.

  1. Discuss the favorite events and activities from the past year.
  2. Find out what your family wants to do more of.
  3. Talk about what new things your family wants to try.
  4. On a large piece of paper, or poster board, write out your New Year’s Bucket List. Don’t over do it though. You don’t want to end up with a list that is impossible to complete. You can always add more as you go!
  5. Have your kids decorate your family bucket list (or even write it out if they can)! The more color, pictures (maybe glitter) the better!
  6. Hang it up where it is visible to the family on a daily basis.
  7. Add pictures of your family completing each thing. Now it becomes a memory board for the year as well as a bucket list.


It’s a fun way to push your family to try new things, and do more of the things you love!  And if the New Year’s Bucket List starts to become a tradition in your home, you will have a nice memory board year after year.