A One On One Date With Your Kids

Having one kid, there is nothing but non-stop one on one time.  Bonding through snuggles, playing and adventures.  Then, the second one comes around.  Suddenly your special time is limited.  Kids have a yearning to bond with their parents, and while it can easily be done during family time, it is much more meaningful when it is one on one.  That’s why I started taking my kids on dates.

Dating Your Kids One on One

For one day, I will take just one kid out and do something fun, usually an activity a meal, and just some down time where we can be alone and talk.  Being with just one kid is nice for many reasons, but the best is just to get to know my growing kid better.  We talk about school, friends, activities, movies… whatever is on his mind!  He feels heard and understood.  My oldest (8 years old) really loves our dates right now.  Sometimes he gets sad that his little brother gets to stay home with me more while he has to go to school.  I know he’s growing up, and soon he won’t be so excited for our dates, so I cherish them as well.

What To Do

These dates don’t have to be anything fancy, or have to cost anything at all! One time we went to Target and had lunch at the Starbucks there, and then we walked around Target looking at fun stuff (LEGOs).  You could always pack a picnic lunch at take it to a park. You can take a class with your child as well.  My son loves Art, so we once went to a painting class.  The main idea is to do something that your child wants to do, and something where you will be able to really connect with them.  With Valentine’s Day coming up, this might be a good present for your kids.  You could give them a coupon for 1 date with just you!  Nothing is more important or meaningful to your child than your undivided attention.

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