Alexa, Schedule My Mornings

What is the hardest part of getting the kids out the door in the morning?  If you’re anything like me, it’s keeping them on schedule.  Kids want to play!! They don’t understand about time management, it is up to us, the parents, to keep them on track.  However, parents can be negotiated with. Parents can make mistakes and put everyone in a rush.  But no need to worry, your Alexa (or your Google Home) can help!

Kids Don’t Argue With Alexa

I wrote a blog about using timers to help your kids transition from one activity to another.  You can read it here.  Basically I found that when it was time to leave somewhere, my kids would melt down even if I had verbally given them a 5 minute warning.  It was when I started setting my phone timer and saying, “When my phone makes noise, it is time to go,” that they began to listen with no problem!

My thought is that they think they can argue with me and extend their time.  But if the almighty phone says so, they can’t argue with it.  I found Alexa to be the same way.  At 7:30 every morning, I would tell my boys to go upstairs and get dressed.  The 8yo followed directions fine, but the 4yo was a different story.  He’d throw himself on the floor claiming he was still hungry, or he was too sleepy to go get dressed.  Then one evening I set a reminder on my Alexa ap. At 7:30 the next morning, Alexa said, “Boys, this is your reminder. It’s time to go upstairs and get dressed.”  To my amazement, my 4yo jumped up (actually gave a salute) and said, “Ok, Alexa!”  And he ran right up with no argument.

Scheduling Saves Time & Reducess Stress

Now some people may argue that I’m being lazy, or relying on technology to raise my children.  But let me ask you this, how many times has time gotten away from you in the mornings?  Maybe you get caught responding to an email, or you sleep past your alarm.  Or maybe you just get caught reading a story with your kids, or brushing teeth starts to take too long… Then all of a sudden, you and your kids are rushing through just to make it to the bus on time.  It happened a few times to me.  So I added more and more reminders to Alexa until she was pretty much running our mornings.  Our mornings look like this:

Alexa Reminders:

7:30am- Boys go upstairs and get dressed.

7:50- Time to get your backpack packed and your coat and shoes on.

7:51(only on Tuesdays)- Did you pack your library books?

7:55- Time to head out to the bus.

8:35- Time to get ready for school (pre-school for the 4yo)

After school, Alexa is set to remind us when to start getting ready for our after school activities.

This schedule allows for me to relax and read through emails while I have my tea without the fear of losing track of time.  It also saves arguments with my kids because they know that they can’t argue with Alexa.  In turn, it makes my kids’ mornings more calm and stress free because of the dependable structure.

How To Set The Reminders

On Alexa, all you have to do to set this up is to go into the Alexa Ap. on your phone. Under the menu tab, you will find Reminders & Alarms.  You can choose the device you want to add the reminder to, and the wording you want Alexa to say.  You also have the option to pick how often that reminder repeats.  Mine repeat every weekday.  I’m sure the Google Home reminder set up is similar.