Weekend Getaway

As parents, a weekend away from the kids is few and far between.  But it is always highly anticipated!  The thought of being alone with your significant other, with no one’s food to cut up, or noses (among other things) to wipe, sounds AMAZING!!  But, then there’s the planning, and that’s what get me.  A weekend getaway is great, but I still have to make sure my kids will have everything they need.

So you’ve found a sitter. Now what?

Finding a sitter for a weekend getaway seems like the hard part, until you are about to leave.  It’s usually a few days before I leave that I get all anxious and start feverishly jotting down notes to leave for the sitter.  If I leave on a Friday, I’ve got to write down school schedules, and addresses for after-school activities.  I write down “tricks of the trade” for dealing with specific behaviors or tests my kids may throw at the sitter.  I clean the house so the sitter isn’t coming into a dirty place. (The house is never really that dirty, but you know how it is when guests come over.)  I make sure the trash cans and dishwasher are emptied and ready to be filled.  I also meal plan and prep.  Since the sitter is coming into my home, I feel that I should have food ready to heat up.  They are already taking care of my boys, so I should at least make meal times a breeze.  It’s exhausting and stressful to me because I’m always feeling like I forgot to do, or explain, something.

Weekend getaway = 3x the packing

Then there are the times when we get to drop our kids off at someone’s house.  It’s slightly easier for me because I don’t have to prepare my house, but I now I’m triple packing.  I pack myself for my trip, and I pack for each boy.  They help, but I make sure they have enough clothes, pjs, underwear and socks.  I make sure they have all their toiletries and vitamins.  Then the toy negotiation happens.  They pick a pile of 1,000 toys to bring and I negotiate them down to a manageable number.  And when we drop them off, I try to go over bed times, and sleeping situations with them so they know that the same rules from home apply here.

Sunshine and Rainbows

Weekend getaways are amazing, and I greatly look forward to spending time with my husband and no kids.  When I get there, I’m relaxed and ready to have a good time.  It’s just the days leading up to it that I’m anxious, busy, and pretty grumpy.  And that’s where I am now. But tomorrow, it will be all sunshine and rainbows!