Rain Check

Summer is here!!!  And we are all looking forward to all of the outdoor time for our kids.  However, where I live, it’s been raining for pretty much the last 3 weeks.  Rain can really put a damper on all of your summer plans.  We’ve already had to take a rain check for a few of our plans. The kids are forced to be inside with you all day, and just the thought of it give us a touch of anxiety.  Not to worry though!  I have a few ideas on how we can combat the craziness while being stuck indoors!  Here are 7 activities you won’t need a rain check for.

1. (Rain) Check in with your kids

Before you start wracking your brain about what to do, see if your kids have any ideas. Sit down with your kids and have them write down several ideas of what THEY would like to do when you have to put a rain check on the outdoor activities.  Put all the suggestions in a jar and literally save them for a rainy day!  Pull an activity out as needed, and let the fun happen.  I also do this for winter break when it is sometimes too cold to get outside.

2. Science and Crafts

Search the internet for fun crafts and Science experiments you can do with your kids at home. Science experiments offer fun and education to entertain the summer mind. You can get ahead of the plan by ordering Science boxes for all ages that will be sent to your home with all the materials needed! Craft time is a great way to get kids to express their imaginations.

3. Art

Create art!! Whether it’s sculpting with clay or playdough, coloring in a coloring book, or painting, you and your kids are sure to have a good time!! Just grab the art supplies, turn on some good music, and see where it takes you!

4. Dance

Have a dance party! Good music can always brighten a gloomy day!  Simply turn on the tunes and get moving!  If you and your kids really want to step it up, take some time to pick out specific songs for a playlist, and get creative with the choreography and costuming!

5. Cook and Bake

Get in the kitchen and cook! You’ve got to teach your kids to cook for themselves at some point, so why not on a rainy day?  Pick a recipe that they would like to try, or guide them in helping you prep and cook the dinner you planned for that evening.  The more you get your kids involved in cooking and meal prep, the more willing they will be to eat the foods you make.

6. Movies and Reading

Turn your T.V. room into a movie theater! Pull out the pillows and blankets, turn out the lights, and pop some popcorn.  Rainy days always make me want to curl up and watch a good movie, so why not make it fun!!  If you’d like to spend less time in front of a screen, use the pillows and blankets to create a comfy space to read books with your kids!!


Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t leave.  There are plenty of indoor play places (Pump It Up, Sky Zone, etc.) you can take your kids to where they can expend energy.  You can also hit up a local museum (children’s museum, science, history, planetarium etc.) Explore and learn while in a new environment.  Museums and indoor entertainment venues too expensive or far away?  No problem.  Your local library is free and will most likely have some sort of story time or activity for your kids!  And worst case scenario, you and your kids just get to check out some books!  When my kids were little (5 and younger) they even enjoyed taking a trip to the local pet store just to look at all the animals.  Even a causal trip to browse around your Target, Walmart or Meijer can be enjoyable as long as you preface the trip with the fact that you are not buying anything.