Lazy Days of Summer

I’m having a lazy summer, and I like it.  No, I love it.  My boys are in a sweet age of life where they can be independent, but their lives don’t revolve around the world outside our house.  I even pulled them out of Karate for the summer. I did this partly because we were going to miss a bunch because of vacation, but also because I didn’t want to be somewhere for 2 hours twice a week. In the mornings they can make their own breakfasts, so I’ve been able to sleep in a bit. Then they go off and play either in the basement or outside until lunch.  So I’ve been able to catch up on reading and writing.  But most days, I’ve just been a little lazy.  Why? Because I can right now.

I know what’s coming.  School is right around the corner, and things will get busy again.  The calendar will fill up with back to school nights, school activities x2 since my youngest is starting Kindergarten, and after school activities.  Apparently 3rd grade is the year that they open up all the after school clubs.  Art club, Spanish club, Running club, etc., and I’m sure my kid will want to try them all!   And no one can predict what summers of the future hold.  Maybe next summer will be like this one, but maybe my kids will want to join a summer sport with their friends… All I know it that now I have time to do nothing, and it is coming to an end shortly.

When the school year starts, I will once again be watching my 2 year old niece (my sister is a teacher), but will also take on my 7 month old nephew (my SIL is a teacher too).  Then, eventually a second brand new niece will be added after the holidays!! I’m so excited about getting to watch and spend time with them, but I know I will be busy.  I’m already thinking ahead as to how I will meal plan the weeks for my own family, and have time to get my workouts and writing in each day.

So for now, while the summer lasts, I’ll be lazy, and I’ll enjoy it.  I’ll keep our days clear of solid plans.  I’ll let the kids decide what, if anything, we will do for the day. We can stay up late reading or having a movie night because there’s nothing to do the next day.  And so the dishes might sit in the sink for the day while I write or read instead.  Maybe I’ll vacuum, but maybe not. Laundry will get done when I hear complaints of no underwear.  But the time for being lazy won’t last long, so for now, I am just enjoying it.