Food for Thought

Food for Thought

From the discovery of “pink slime” in ground beef, to the recent petition by the dairy industry to add aspartame (a controversial artificial sweetener) to milk and not add it to the label, people are becoming more aware and concerned about what actually goes our food.

However, living in the busy world we do, convenience is the name of the game. But at what cost? Pre-made, packages food and meals, including baby food, can contain fillers, preservatives, and trans fats. All of which are not the best for our bodies. So what’s the alternative? Cooking meals made from fresh items at the store is your best bet. No time to cook? Think again.

Heathy food can be cheaper!

Ever since my son began eating real food, I have made his food from scratch using fresh vegetables and fruits. All I needed was a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday when my husband could watch the baby and I could be in the kitchen. When I was done, I had filled ice cube trays with the fresh purees I had made so they could be frozen in perfect serving sizes for later use.

For the few hours of cooking, I had enough baby food to last a couple of months! Not only was this a healthier option, but it was cheaper too! Jarred baby food goes for $0.58-$0.88/jar, and a pureed $1.15 sweet potato can easily fill 8 of those jars (that’s less than $0.15/jar). This cook and freeze method can work as your family grows too. Make a few meals one day and freeze them so they are ready to cook on a later date. Crock pot meals are another healthy way to cook when you’re short on time. You just need to dump your indregients into the crockpot in the morning, turn it on, and by dinner time it’s ready to be eaten! Pinterest is a great resource for healthy freezer meal and crockpot recipes.

The point is, choosing to take the time to prepare healthy food for your family, and yourself, is a smart choice. Presenting a variety of healthy food options now will allow your child to develop a taste for good foods. And healthy eating habits learned now will lead to them making smart, healthy choices later in life. Eat well! ~Jamie-WWP

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