You’ve Had a Long Day?!

You’ve Had a Long Day?!

Have you ever heard the anecdote about the husband who came home from work to find his house a mess? When he arrives home the dog and kids, still in their pajamas, are running around the house. Toys seem to have exploded all over the place, and the kitchen is a mess of leftover food and used dished from breakfast and lunch. He finds his wife sitting in a chair reading a book. Upon inquiring about what happened, she simply replies, “Remember how you asked me what I actually do all day? Well, today I didn’t do them”.

A Long Day in the Adult World

Luckily, my husband is smart enough not to ask me what I actually do all day, but when he says, “I’m just so tired,” or “It’s been a long day,” I find myself cringing just a little. I have no doubt that my husband’s job as the VP of Sales is challenging and tiring. However, he works in the grown-up world; a world that allows you to have lunch breaks, privacy in the bathroom, adult conversation, and time that is yours (quiet if you will) to think and work alone. I feel as if he doesn’t quite understand what my days are like.

Vs. in the Kid World

I care for two toddlers who live to explore. I make meals, clean up, play, play, play, I break up wrestling matches, and try to teach the concept of sharing. My conversations revolve around the entire list of zoo animals we saw at the zoo (two weeks ago), and I am followed everywhere I go. I can’t even get two minutes of privacy while I use the restroom. “But don’t they nap?” you ask. Of course they do, but that’s when I vacuum, do laundry and dishes, repair broken books and toys, eat, and try to squeeze in a short workout. Then they wake up, and hopefully it’s nice enough to go to the park for a while; but with two toddlers, that’s a monster of a task in itself. Finally, dinner and bedtime roll around, and then, after my twelve-hour day, I’m the one who’s tired. ~Jamie – WWP

Can You Relate?

How many moms can relate to this story?  The hardest part is that our job as a mom never stops. Many of us still need to wake up in the middle of the night because our little angels are crying or having a bad dream. Or how about those nights that they are sick. We are the ones they need and want the most. However, even though it’s lots of work and can be exhausting we wouldn’t trade it for anything. Being a mom is the most rewarding job in the world! I strongly encourage every mom out there to make sure you are taking care of YOU! You are your family’s foundation and you need to make sure you are taking care of your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental health needs. It is extremely important for you to mark it in your calendar and make it priority! You are just as important as your kids and spouse. Life wouldn’t be the same without YOU! So do yourself and you’re family a favor and invest time for YOU! ~Terry – WWP

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