C.P.R. for Parents Services

Be The Parent You Were Meant To Be!

Working with Parents, LLC is a company that is filling the gap for parents and children. Many of our clients come to us after consulting with an early intervention and/or behavior specialist and finding that the behaviors exhibited by their children do not meet the requirements for mental health treatment. Many parents are left to continue facing the same challenges without any answers.

We can help you with identifying goals, changing problem behaviors, moving forward, and removing obstacles that are blocking your children from being the best they can be. Whatever parenting challenges you and your family are facing, we can help.

We are very proud and confident to say that we can help change your family’s dynamic around in one-week using our C.P.R. for Parents coaching! You can have the peace in your household that you desire in a week or less. Your child’s behavior starts with you taking the lead, not by strong-arming them, but rather by showing them respect, setting expectations, and providing a safe place for them to be guided and disciplined as they learn your family rules and structure. C.P.R. for Parents coaching starts from the premise that Compassion, Patience, and Respect along with consistency are the foundation of your household (and your sanity).

You may have worked with other resources out there, but something is still missing; the change you want still hasn’t happened. Working with Parents is different than other parenting resources because you get one-on-one coaching for you and your children; you will have someone there to guide you, show you, and explain to you why being consistent is effective and successful. We will teach you how to apply the C.P.R. for Parents coaching to make the changes, and how to MAKE IT WORK!! We will utilize all of your strengths and assist you with compassion and encouragement. This will create positive changes in your life for the benefit of your family and children. The immediate goal is to enhance your parenting skills, consciously increase consistency, and manage unacceptable behavior. The ultimate goal is to improve your relationship with your children and improve the quality of your family’s life.

Infant Coaching

Every New Parent Should Have a Parent Coach

All new parents deserve more professional support after having a baby. Having a baby is the best thing that could ever happen in your life, but shortly after giving birth, you realize just how big of a responsibility this new little human being is. The last thing you want as new parents is to feel like you don't know what you are doing. Your confidence is very important when you are a parent, and we can help you build it! There are so many things that are challenging about having a new baby, especially in the first few weeks, and doing it alone with your partner can be scary. It doesn’t have to be that way. Working with Parents, LLC is here to guide you to be a successful and confident new mommy and daddy. Yes, of course, there are hundreds of books out there that tell you what works and what doesn’t work, but the ideas may be difficult to implement because of YOUR EMOTIONS AND ATTACHMENT to this beautiful sweet baby. Reading the material and getting feedback from family and friends isn’t always that simple. Time flies while you are on maternity leave, so why not make the best experience ever? Why not make the transition as smooth as possible?
Studies show that postpartum depression is 30% higher for moms without support to help guide them during the first 6 weeks regardless, of whether they are returning back to work or not. What will you gain and learn while working with us?
  • The confidence that can take your parenting to another level
  • The ongoing support during our sessions
  • One-on-one in-home sessions
  • Tools and tips to prepare you for the next steps
  • Easy transition from hospital to home, home to work, home to daycare/childcare
  • Developing routines for you and your baby
  • Developing a sleep schedule and giving you 8 hours of sleep at night
  • Maintain a healthy relationship with your partner
  • Educating you about excessive toys and unnecessary baby items

Online Course Available Now
Developing Positive Habits for Your Baby's First 15 Months:
Setting You and Your Baby Up for Success


Parent Coaching

Ideal Parent Coaching Clients (Virtual Sessions)

Our ideal clients are parents who are exhausted by the day-to-day challenges of raising children 12 and younger. However, we can work with children of all ages. They face battles at every turn whether it’s mealtime, snacks, bedtime, naptime, sibling rivalry, back-talk, temper tantrums, and so forth. They find themselves yelling at their kids then feeling terrible about it. They are mentally and emotionally tired of trying to be the parent they always thought they’d be. They love their children, want the best for them, and know there has to be a better way.

Every parent can benefit from improving his or her parenting skills, but how do you know if you need coaching?

If you find that you can relate to one or more of these scenarios, you should consider a parent coach:

  • You find yourself dealing with misbehavior more than 4 or 5 days a week, or even a couple times in a day
  • You have lost the confidence needed to parent correctly
  • Nothing is improving, and you know that you need to start doing something different
  • You find yourself constantly yelling
  • You are stressed out, and having a hard time enjoying the experience of parenting

Coaching can give all the tools and strategies needed to regain control, and rebuild your confidence.  Parenting shouldn't be a stressful experience, it should be a pleasant one.

Our unique, compassionate approach will:

  • Create a stress-free home and lifestyle
  • Increase your parenting confidence in your parenting skills and decisions
  • Enhance your parenting skills and best practices
  • Improve your relationship with your children by promoting positive changes in their behavior
  • Improve your relationship with your spouse/partner
  • Increase the quality of sleep for both child and parents
  • Reduce anxiety, depression, and overall stress

We only work with clients when both parents/partners are:

  • Valuing the work we offer
  • Willing to try new ideas and actions
  • Willing to be coachable
  • Willing to invest in their advancement
  • Highly committed and dedicated to improving their life
  • Ready to implement what is taught
  • Willing to take risks
  • Willing to be honest with themselves


Relationship Coaching

Healing the Entire Family

Working with Parents, LLC believes the best support you can get is from someone who understands your challenges as a couple and as parents. We are here to help heal the entire family.  Having universal support from one coach is not only convenient but also ideal for keeping consistency within your family’s situation.

Research demonstrates that when couples become parents, there is a significant decrease in their relationship satisfaction. Further research has shown that relationship discord and conflict have a profound negative effect on the couples’ family.

Our services are based on the Gottman Institute.  Dr. John Gottman has done 40 years of research on relationships, families, and parenting styles, and found that emotion coaching is fundamental in creating respectful, emotionally healthy, successful families. Emotion coaching is helping families understand their emotions by recognizing what they are feeling and why so they can eventually regulate their own behavior. As families grow and mature, the skill of managing their own emotions helps them navigate social relationships, maximize intellectual success, and develop confidence.


Relationship coaching is an added benefit for clients who are working with us. If you’re concerned about your relationship, you may feel worried, angry, or lonely, and you might find yourself saying, “Things just don’t feel like they used to.”

Many of our clients come to us after a big transition in their family.

  • Communication Issues
  • Thinking of Separation
  • Life Transitions (childbirth, move, adoption)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Co-parenting
  • Stress
  • Relationship “tune-up”

The research is clear that the effects of prevention are far more powerful than the effects of intervention.

  • 92% of couples report arguing more during the first year after having a baby and starting a family
  • 67% of couples report a decline in relationship satisfaction
  • 74% of women do not reach out for help until they are not able to cope.

The key to happiness after having kids is to make your relationship a priority.

Research by Gottman Institute has shown that relationships have a circular cause and effect: Happy Relationship = Happy Children

The strength of a relationship directly affects a child’s cognitive and social abilities. Relationships in conflict are known to cause problems for children: Cognitive Delays for Kids, Antisocial or Withdrawn Behaviors.


Online Courses

Transform Your Parenting Online

Need Help NOW? No worries, we developed online courses for you. It's all about Family Development and parenting is hard work and constantly changing. You are tired, you are busy, and you just want the answers fast in one place. Earn your MBA, Masters in Behavioral Assessment to transform unwanted behaviors for both parent and child!

Becoming a parent is all about building confidence. Our courses are here for you whenever you need it – providing proven tools to help you become successful. Our tips and techniques will elevate your parenting skills to the next level and prepare you for the next steps in your child’s journey.


How is this done?

  1. Call (614) 973-9917 or fill out a contact form to see if you are the ideal client
  2. Set up your complimentary 30-minute consultation
  3. Get ready to see results in one week! (applies to in-home sessions—they yield the
    fastest results)
We offer three different family packages, so it should be easy to find what best works for you and your family. In-home sessions are scheduled for three consecutive days for the sake of consistency. Phone sessions are scheduled twice a week for one hour, and virtual sessions vary.
We serve families all across the United States by offering in-home sessions, phone sessions, and virtual sessions. In addition to our family packages, we also offer small group sessions and free webinars.
In-home sessions are for the following cities:
Columbus and Central Ohio, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton and Akron, Ohio, Indianapolis, IN, Chicago, IL and local surrounding areas.

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