Dinner and Memories

Dinner and Memories

While driving home from my in-law’s house, I thought about the best parts of the day, and they all circled around the kitchen table. Wherever we went the most vibrant conversations, the most laughter, the most connections, and the most memories were shared and made while everyone was sitting together at the dinner table.

What is it about sitting down to a meal that just opens up the floor for good conversation? Is it the food? The drink? The people? Maybe it’s the fact that you are able to see everyone, and no one can get away. Whatever power it possesses, the kitchen table always seems to bring us together, and help us create memories.

The magic of the table isn’t just for special holidays; it should be used as often as possible. Having meals together is an important part of your family’s health and happiness; and it is important to your child’s development. Meal time is a time to talk, learn, love and listen to one another. It’s a time to bond as a family, and open the lines of communication so your children know they can talk to you about anything.

With all the issues that children have to deal with these days, open communication with them is key to helping them stay safe and make the right choices in life. Busy schedules, for everyone in the family, make it hard to sit down to dinner together. Sometimes it just seems easier to grab some food on your way to or from activities. However, you can start small. Just set aside at least one meal time a week, every week, when you will all be present, and see what kind of memories you can make.

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